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Bats are mammals of the order Chiroptera, and are the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight.  Bats
are often misidentified as being "flying rodents," but they are not directly related to rodents or birds.  There are roughly
1,240 bat species worldwide, and are divided into two suborders: 'Microchiroptera' and 'Megachiroptera'.  Most
'Microchiroptera' (microbats) are highly specialized echolocating insectivores (insect eating), and make up about 70% of
all bat species.  'Megachiroptera' (megabats) refer to the larger species of frugivores (fruit eating).  Microbats use
echolocation as a primary method for locating food and obtaining a detailed perception of their surroundings.  
Echolocation is the ability to emit ultrasonic sounds, and decipher information from the returning echoes with the use of
the brain and auditory nervous system.  These bats produce 130 decibels of pulsing sounds that help them identify prey,
and determine a variety of information, including size and range of surrounding objects.  Bats are nocturnal animals and
hunt at night.  Most microbat species have poor eyesight, but are still able to use vision for navigation.  They also have
excellent senses of smell and hearing.

A bat infestation is very serious and must be addressed immediately by a bat removal or bat control specialist.  Bats are,
for the most part, nocturnal, which means most of their activity is at night time.  Bats can fly, which is important to consider
when there is an infestation of bats.  Bats eat insects such as mosquitos.  Bats can be beneficial by keeping down the
population of disease carrying insects such as mosquitos, however bats should only be nesting in the wild, and if there is
a bat nest in a structure such as a home or business, than an animal control bat removal specialist is required.

Bats are usually not understood in the wild.  Bats can be very beneficial to the environment, when they live in their natural
habitats.  There are over 40 different species of bat in North America, and a bat can eat 500+ insects in one night.  This is
helpful to our environment and helps control insect problems.  When bats invade a human environment, it’s usually in an
attic or roof structure to raise their offspring.  Unfortunately, if a bat takes up a residence in a house, the effects can be
detrimental to the residents.  Bats can cause unsafe and unsanitary living conditions from their waste and nesting areas.  
Bats can also carry many diseases, including rabies.

The most common bat infestation occurs in the attic of a house or business structure.  Bats find gaps and openings within
almost any part of the house exposed to the outside.  This includes bats in chimneys, roofs, and other structures where
there might be an opening or gap.  The gap in the structure does not have to be large, a bat can enter a house through a
crack as small as 1/2 inch in diameter.

Bats are very dangerous to have in a home or business.  Bats can carry many, many dozens of diseases, including
dreaded rabies.  Bats are one of the top reasons rabies are passed on to humans.  Any setting with pets or children must
be completely free of bats with highest priority.  Bats create a dirty, unsanitary environment.  Their waste, or guano, can
cause additional disease and carry harmful bacteria.

The longer a bat infestation is left unaddressed, the more expensive the bat removal itself will be, not to mention the
spreading contamination to the air, insulation, floor, ceilings, and much more. Bat removal must be done by a
professional.  Animal Rangers uses Bat control techniques that are very precise and controlled.  Safety and thoroughness
is of the utmost importance.  Removing the bats themselves is only the beginning of what needs to be done to make the
nesting area safe again.  Bats ruin and contaminate attic insulation.  Bat nests attract vermin and pests such as mice,
fleas, mites, cockroaches, and ants.

Bats are a protected species and all bat removal services must be performed by a trained Animal Rangers professional.
Specialized bat removal and bat control equipment must be used for the professional purpose of clearing out a bat
infestation.  Animal Rangers also specializes in all ancillary needs to the bat removal, such as decontamination of the attic
or any area where bats have nested. The insulation must be replaced, and any additional vermin that were attracted by the
bat nests must be removed as well.
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