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Pigeons and other bird pests can be troublesome to a homeowner or business owner.  An infestation and flock of pigeons
comes with many problems for the property owner, and a bird removal and bird control specialist should be called as
soon as possible to remove pigeons and birds from unwanted homes and businesses.  Pigeons can carry disease, and
cause a huge mess with fecal matter.  This is an unsanitary, unsafe, and unhealthy condition that must be remedied with
professional pigeon and bird removal services.

Pigeon nests are very basic, and they usually create their nests in abandoned buildings or other areas with low human
activity. Dozens upon dozens of pigeons can live in one nesting area.  Where there is one pigeon, there are likely more.  
Property damage, small openings, missing tiles, and other nooks in a structure serve as popular nesting areas for pigeons.

On normal structures, pigeons can make their nests in common areas such as chimneys, ledges, gutters, air conditioners,
and other outdoor structures.  A common attempt to control pigeon population is for a property owner to use devices
such as bird control spikes.  Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem and does not reduce the population of
pigeons.  Only a trained pigeon removal and bird control specialist will be able to permanently rid an area of pest birds and

Pigeons can be unhealthy and unsanitary to have in a public or private area.  They can contaminate food in a restaurant or
any other business that sells food. Their fecal matter can carry all manner of parasites and disease. Bird and pigeon waste
can carry fungus and parasites.  Professional cleanup of nesting and fecal droppings is just as important as removing the
birds and pigeons themselves.

The accumulation of nesting materials created by pigeons and birds can become a fire hazard, and the presence of the
birds can cause air quality issues.  Presence of pigeons and nuisance birds can cause issues in the lung known as
hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or Pigeon Lung.  This is caused by inhaling proteins from the birds that are found in their
feathers and their fecal matter.  Other lung diseases can be caused by the reduction in air quality caused by flocks of
nuisance pigeons.  Some of these diseases include histoplasmosis, cryptococcus neoformans, and psittacosis.
Obviously, any area frequented by people and especially children should be rid of pest birds and pigeons as soon as

Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by fungus that affects the lungs.  Symptoms include retina damage of the eye,
coughing, flu-like symptoms, inflamed lungs and lymphs.

Cryptococcus neoformans is specific to pigeon droppings, and is a type of yeast fungus.  This fungus can cause
symptoms similar to meningitis.

A professional bird and pigeon removal and control expert is the only way to ensure an area is not only rid of the birds, but
also clean and sanitized to prevent any of these diseases or sicknesses from occurring.  Pigeon nesting areas leave
unsanitary conditions due to their feces and dander.  These areas must be professionally cleaned and improved by a
professional to avoid the birds or pigeons returning and roosting in the areas once again, creating unsafe and unsanitary
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