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Squirrels are small, cute animals, however they can form colonies and infest places they shouldn't be, such as homes and
businesses.  Squirrels can cause damage in places in the house such as the attic and in ceilings, where they can gnaw on the
structure of the house, and more dangerously, electrical wiring.  Because of the possibility of damage to a home or business, safe
and humane squirrel removal and squirrel control techniques should be used by a professional.

Grey squirrels are a small rodent-like animal that is prevalent in North America.  Squirrels prefer hardwood forests; however, it is
common for squirrels to live in suburban and even urban areas if they can find a steady food source.  

How can I identify a squirrel?  Although they are known as “grey squirrels,” these rodents can be an array of colors, including black,
red, and light brown.  They usually have a white belly.  Squirrels are rather small creatures, and can weigh about a pound and be
anywhere from a foot to 2 feet in length.  One obvious feature of a squirrel is its long, bushy tail, which in many cases is larger than
the rest of its body.

Where do squirrels live?  The squirrel is active through the entire year.  During the fall, the squirrel will hoard food, burying it after
gathering it from the surrounding are around its habitat.  Squirrels have been known to dig for food, which can cause damage to
property such as lawns, parks, and golf courses.  Squirrels live in trees for the most part; they will usually find nooks or other
spaces within a tree’s structure to live.  Squirrels also make nests in the trees out of leaves and branches.  These creatures will
immediately run from any danger, and utilize their adept climbing skills to be clear of danger immediately. Squirrels can see and
hear extremely well, and catching or capturing a squirrel is extremely difficult unless handled by a squirrel control or squirrel
removal specialist.

What do squirrels eat?  Grey squirrels eat a large variety of foods, from all types of nuts such as acorns and maple nuts, as well as
seeds and even some crops and garden vegetables, such as corn and pumpkins.

Squirrel reproduction- they mate in late winter and in the spring.  Their gestation period is 40 days, and the yield is usually
anywhere between 2-7 young.  Young squirrels grow up quickly and are independent within 8-10 weeks.  In mid-summer, there is
usually a second litter; this means a squirrel population can grow very fast, especially if left unchecked in a house or business.

Squirrel problems and pest concerns - squirrels commonly move into the attics and roofs of houses.  Once squirrels move in, they
are very territorial and it can be difficult to remove squirrels.  Once inside a home or business, the squirrels cause damage.  They
tear up almost everything, from the floor to the structure and the insulation within walls and attics.  They will use this material for
their nests.  Once squirrels build a nest, other concerns arise such as sanitation issues resulting from the squirrel’s waste and
feces.  If you hear sounds such as clawing, scratching, squeaking, and movement in the ceiling or attic, this indicates you may have
a squirrel problem.

If the signs of a squirrel nest are evident, the best course of action is to call a squirrel control and squirrel removal specialist.
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